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    We are not just fine dining, but also wine minded.

    Here is what David Hemmerle says:

    “To be wine minded means to be wine-oriented, the most difficult product to perceive in the palate, very rich, very capricious, which is not for everyone. It takes both intelligence and education to truly love and understand wine. Wine costs money, but it makes you richer. Wine dictates the terms. It both cooperates with the chef and competes with him; wine is never boring. It’s not easy, it’s a challenge, but if everything works out, then it’s a bonus. Now everything is going beautifully and correctly. I myself am a wine minded chef in the fullest sense, and it is infinitely interesting for me to cook for such guests, in a restaurant with such a concept.”

    Holders of the”SimpleWine” network cards in the Grand Cru winery receive a discount according to the current terms of the SimpleWine card, a 10% discount is provided in the bar, except for banquets and special offers.